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Analyze all levels, such as installations, mess halls or units (and even for deployed service members), so that headquarters can generate roll-up reports, audit business practices, determine accurate budget requirements, and assess subsistence needs

Fulfill requirements of a foodservice program: back-of-the-house recipe conversion, menu management, requisitioning, inventory, ordering, and production

Analyze recipes and allow color coding of ingredients, which is in line with DoD guidelines for Fueled to Fight/Go for Green initiatives

Ensure proper food handling using the integrated Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) functionality

Automate a central production/kitchen environment

- CWO5 Louie Juarez (Ret) U.S. Marine Corps

Computrition is committed to Hospitality Enterprise Resource Optimization (HERO), an enterprise software product category that leverages automation and mobile capabilities to help ensure dollars invested in food and nutrition services, and resources allocated, result in the most optimized financial outcome.

We've had the honor of helping our brave service members automate inventory, recipe modifications, nutritional analysis, requisitions, subsistence requirements, and meal entitlement verification.

We work alongside the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Military Health System (Solution Delivery Division) to strengthen the management of their foodservice operation and help support the health and well-being of our nation’s brave service members with advanced software solutions. 

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One of Computrition’s most notable projects since partnering with the Marine Corps has been the development of the Marine Corps Food Management Information System (more commonly known as MCFMIS). Since implementing MCFMIS, the Marine Corps has reduced manual labor and improved efficiency dramatically!

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Military Foodservice Software

More than ever before, military branches are facing new challenges. Between tighter budgets and stricter DoD audit initiatives, utilizing technology is no longer an added benefit to your foodservice operation; it's a must to ensure optimized efficiency. Computrition's software solutions can solve major issues like inaccurate budgeting and unnecessary costs.


With over two decades working with the DoD, our enterprise foodservice system provides beginning-to-end management to ensure a better-connected operation with stronger data to streamline procedures.


Our Focus

Budget Protection

Nutrition Education


Computrition was founded by a dietitian and the very DNA of our company is nutrition. Over 50% of all CI employees have foodservice experience and 1/3 of the staff have degrees in Nutrition, Dietetics or Health.

Our Company

Nearly 40 Years in Business

Constellation Software Company

10+ Years is our Average Tenure


From software on DOS systems to desktop applications to mobile-based products and beyond, we are always evolving to better serve your needs. Because every service member deserves the utmost care.

Our Mission

Enterprise-Level Software

Mobile Functions on Base & in Field Ops

Visibility of Data at all Levels

Solutions for Military Foodservice Automation

Efficiently run the meal card and patron accountability process and increase meal delivery audit ability, determine eligibility, improve headcount accuracy and record branch of service and rations entitlement

Tickets printed show nutritional and caloric values for each menu item with stoplight color-coding that makes selecting meals for dietary and training goals simple

Serves as a paperless and cashless meal card program through the use of a Common Access Card (CAC)

Data captured provides foodservice operators with metrics to analyze the POS activity and determine the products that generate higher demand and those that need to be changed to accommodate customer preferences

Dedicated to Military Nutrition

Resources for Military Operations

[The Computrition software] has definitely reduced man hours by over 50%.

Supporting Military Healthcare

Active and Retired Military

Computrition works closely with the Solutions Delivery Division (SDD) and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to promote good nutrition and produce positive outcomes for all service members by automating with foodservice software. 

By utilizing the powerful functionality of our products, military hospitals have been able to:

Automate Manual Processes

Maintain Accurate Inventory

Decrease Food Waste

Optimize the Foodservice Supply Chain

Reduce Food and Labor Costs

Order from Patient Bedside

Manage Recipes and Menus

Ensure Appropriate Tray Delivery

Streamline Operations

Properly Maintain Data

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As an add-on to our Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) and Nutrition Care Management (NCM) solutions, operators can instantaneously create labels that attach to products or readable placards placed throughout your dining facility

Show items’ nutritional information, list ingredients, and associated allergens

Brand products created by your retail outlets

Branches can work with our team to incorporate branch-specific nutrition standards to meet DoD color-coding system, and ensure service members choose the correct food 

 Compliant with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations

View meal options at various dining facilities within a base or post, from any browser

Create personalized menu items that include enticing descriptions 

Easily access daily meal offerings for each meal period 

See nutritional information (including recipe allergens, ingredients and nutrients) and specific diets with a visible legend  (ex. V - Vegetarian, GF - Gluten Free)

Add item selections to a personalized list and view total nutritional information for an entire meal selection

Reference a built-in FAQ section for quick assistance with product features

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Provide high-quality experience while maintaining profitability in retail operations with online ordering, cashless payment processing, account management, and customer rewards through SPOON (SuitePoint! Online Ordering Now)

Give patrons the flexibility of viewing and ordering meals online from participating establishments using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, ensuring safety

Enable staff to conveniently manage internal charge accounts such as declining balance and gift cards from any mobile device or PC browser. Additional cashless options are available, even payroll deduct

Offer a customer loyalty program as an incentive to dine on-site and elevate satisfaction by rewarding patrons based on the frequency of purchases and 
healthy selections

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Compile information through an integrated data warehousing resource for greater data visibility

Migrate data from transactional databases and store it in a centralized repository, such as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW)

Using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) technology, DataArc extracts data from Hospitality Suite systems and allows you to transform them into visually understandable formats and recurrently load them on a dedicated data warehouse

Electronically tracking data enables operators to analyze financial performance, make wiser budgetary decisions, and prepare for audit requirements

Accessing historical information like meal headcount, ration entitlement, and eligibility can make foodservice programs’ audit processes smoother

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